Earn Your 'Creating Spaces for Students to Make' Microcredential!

Now that you are officially enrolled in this course, you have the opportunity to earn an official Worlds of Making 'Creating Spaces for Students to Make' microcredential. This microcredential will be issued to you in the form of a digital badge. Your digital badge will give you the opportunity to celebrate all that you have learned with the world! In order to earn your digital badge, you will either have to plan and create a makerspace, as you cycle through this course, OR you will have to complete a 'Makerspace Action Plan' (included as a free resource in this course).

Tip: Because this course is self-paced, be sure to progress through it at a pace that works best for you!

More on earning your microcredential at the end of our course, for now, enjoy your journey through Worlds of Making!

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