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Although this course is asynchronous and self-paced, I want you to feel supported the whole way through. We are going to use Voxer as our platform for communicating. If you don't know Voxer, it is a free app and a powerful tool. Through Voxer, we can communicate through voice, text and images. My Voxer name is lflemi878. Please connect with me there. Share your questions and celebrate your accomplishments with me! Be sure to indicate in your message that you are enrolled in this course. Also, for more on makerspaces, be sure to follow me on Twitter! Talk to you soon!

Throughout this course there are documents for you to print out and one for you to edit online. If you have difficulty accessing those documents, here is a link with all of the documents you will need. They are all PDF's to be printed, with the exception of one that is a Google Spreadsheet. Please make a copy of that spreadsheet, then it is yours to edit and share online, as you please.